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Post  DriesT on Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:29 pm

You have achieved the second stretch goal and unlocked the pimp my castle bundle for free!

Grandmaster Painter Patrick has arrived at the guild and is currently staying in a guest chamber in the castle. He brought with him his painting tools, 10 full sized banners and 10 buckets of paint of a color of our choosing. Edward Alzis brought him in and is paying for his stay and commodities during the time he is working in our guild but currently Patrick has not received an assignment and is just hanging around at the castle, mildly irritating the female heroes and quietly eyeballing some of the male heroes of whom he seems to be pretty jealous. The guild members (and especially Dragar) want to see him gone as soon as possible but not after he finishes the job he was sent here to do. Dragar put up a big poster on the notice board to invite every member to design his/her desired logo/Crest of arms/heraldry to represent our adventuring guild! Once enough entries have been collected, their will be an anonymous voting for the best design where every guild member has to vote for his top 3. The winning design will be subsequently be perfectly painted onto 10 banners and hung out in the throne room and from the castle walls to proudly shine and decorate our Magnificent Castle!
This might not be a matter of life or death but therefor not less important!
May the best design win!

(Create your design using photoshop, paint, any means necessary as long as we can use it as banners on our forum or facebook page and send in your entries via this topic)

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