[Dries - Oneshot - lvl 5-6] The curse of a King's Cradle BETA TEST

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[Dries - Oneshot - lvl 5-6] The curse of a King's Cradle BETA TEST

Post  DriesT on Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:49 pm

The adventurers are ready to embark upon a small yet important journey. Edward Alzis himself invited all of the early backers to participate in a beta test so they can test out some new features he tried to incorporate in his story. You are to meet him at his portal next to the guild's castle and follow his instructions. Afterwards it is expected of the participants to give their honest opinions and remarks about the content that they experienced and as a reward they will then receive a 'Beta Tester' T-shirt. Will the test prove fruitful? Will the party members regret their decision of pledging obscene amounts of money towards an adventure they know next to nothing about? Will they find new friends in the world of Tamehir or make powerful enemies even before the story has begun? This and so much more (or less) will be explored wednesday 21/11 evening by the kind and extremely generous Whistler, Saber and Carla.

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