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Post  Pieterjan on Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:56 pm

Hello dear adventurer,

Do you have an item you can't use, but you're not able to find a good buyer. Look no further, come to Sir Albert's guildfunded magic shop.
We give you a good price for your wares!

Quartermaster Sir Albert

Hello dear adventurer,

Looking for a rare item but can't find it nowhere, look no further and have peak at our magic item pile in Sir Albert's guildfunded magic shop.
We sell magic items gather by our highly trained proffesionals for a very good price!

Quartermaster Sir Albert

The rules:
You can find the magic item list on:

Post here if you want to buy or sell an item, I will confirm or deny the transaction, until varified the sale is not complete.
First come, first served

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